Modern methods allow the replacement of a tooth without the intervention on other, nearby teeth. While persisting the feeling of comfort and safety, today's implants are made to restore the quality of everyday life. With implantology rapidly advancing and developing in the last decade, this method of tooth replacement became a regular and safe procedure that offers quality and durable solutions.

Implantology services

Single tooth replacement
Implant placement without intervention on adjacent teeth.

Teeth replacement
Creating bridges on implants, with an emphasis on stability, functionality and aesthetics of fixed prosthetic.

Replacement of all teeth in edentulous jaws
Two options: making fixed prosthetic work with 6 to 8 implants, where the period of osseointegration varies from 3 to 6 months depending on position, and the implementation of mobile work on 4 implants, that allows optimum grip of a denture.

Implant placement

Implant placement is in fact a small surgical procedure that is performed with local anesthesia. The procedure is painless and much less traumatic than a simple tooth extraction. The method itself depends on the number of implants, and takes an average of about 1 hour. Upon completion of the procedure, you get detailed instructions on how to treat your teeth after the work is done.


Implant placement is possible for all people (18 or older), with good overall health, healthy gums and jawbone and regular oral hygiene. The success of the operation depends primarily on the patient's habits related to oral hygiene. If you follow the detailed instructions of your dentist, the treatment will always come out successfully and there will be no additional complications.


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