The beautiful and healthy smile often goes into the same sentence with beautiful and healthy teeth! Aesthetics are closely linked with quality teeth, so it is no wonder that cosmetic dentistry is nowadays becoming an important topic in the field of dental medicine. Lately, cosmetic dentistry provides incredible opportunities for corrections of color, appearance and position of the dentition and gums, combining good looks and oral health. One of the basic procedures in aesthetic dentistry is called Smile Design - that is, in fact, creating a beautiful and healthy smile. It includes the following procedures: whitening, restorative composite fillings, setting up ceramic veneers, complete ceramic or zirconium crowns setup and installation of dental implants.


How come nowadays we have more and more requests for teeth whitening? Due to aging and because of our (not very healthy) habits, teeth enamel loses its natural whiteness and becomes darker, greyish or yellowish. The main causes that lead to the gradual darkening of the teeth are excessive consumption of highly colored drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine and, of course, smoking. Whitening is an effective procedure that lightens teeth, not by one but several shades. After cleaning the hard and soft plaque layers, a chemically activated gel is applied on teeth surface. The procedure is completely painless and takes about one hour. The only side effect is a possible occurrence of teeth hypersensitivity, which typically disappears within two days. After the whitening process, it is necessary to avoid colored food and drink for at least 48 hours (coffee, cigarettes, red wine, colored juices, black tea ...).


Veneers are the flagship of cosmetic dentistry. This permanent prosthetic set up that firmly adheres to the existing teeth is an ideal solution for aesthetic correction. The porcelain that the veneers are made of is a great aesthetic replacement for tooth enamel because it looks exactly like a healthy, white, shiny tooth. Veneers are used to reduce the spacing between the teeth, for reparation of damaged tooth or enamel, as for other aesthetic corrections.

People who mostly have their natural teeth preserved and do not have a large number of composite fillings are the ones eligible for veneers. The application requires a minimal reduction of tooth enamel - only 0.5 mm, and the process is not aggressive for either teeth or the gums. Veneers have a smooth surface, they do not change color over time, and a beautiful smile that you get with this treatment can lasts more than 10 years, with proper maintenance. Porcelain veneers should be cleaned regularly by brushing and use of dental floss, and the regular dental check-ups are obligatory. You should also get rid of some (often bad) habits such as nail biting and chewing hard objects like ice. The porcelain - although it is sturdy - cannot be as firm as your healthy natural teeth, thus it is more prone to damage by hard bites.


Due to the popularity and demand for this procedure, in the market one can find a large offer of teeth whitening methods. With this procedure, you have to be cautious and leave it to the experts of dental medicine. Do not use medicine or “whitening” toothpastes that are on the free market and allegedly "guarantee whiten teeth". Like everything else in dental medicine, this is a serious process and requires an individual approach and professional supervision.


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