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25. February 2016. By Elvis

Oral hygiene

The toothbrush head should be small enough to allow the reach of the rear surfaces of your teeth. Toothbrush fibers must be made of nylon, because natural fibers wear out fast and they are not so prone to bacteria. Toothbrush fibers also must be rounded at the top. The brush should be soft or medium soft, to optimize power and strength for successful removal of the plaque without damaging tooth periodontal (gums).

The proper brushing means cleaning all accessible surfaces of the teeth, using circular motion. The toothbrush has to be positioned on the gums, and then we do circular moves over the body of the tooth to the top of the crown. It is important to brush from the gums to the top of the crown! Teeth should be brushed after every meal or at least two times a day (in the morning after the breakfast, the evening after the last meal).

It does not matter for how long you brush your teeth - it is important to brush them daily and to clean all accessible surfaces of your teeth. In order to make sure that we cleaned all accessible surfaces, we must systematize our brushing, for example: First we start from the rear side of the farthest tooth top right, then over the front surface, moving up to the left, we can go to the inner surfaces of the upper teeth. After that, we clean the lower teeth in the same order.

Brushing is not enough!

Cleaning the inaccessible places: for a complete hygiene it is important also to clean the area that is difficult to reach. What is inaccessible to the toothbrush, is not inaccessible to bacteria and food waste.